EDCGuyd to be Merged Into ToolGuyd

My intent was to operate EDCGuyd separate from ToolGuyd, and to feature more EDC-related content. Unfortunately, time constraints have made it difficult to post new content in a timely manner. Additionally, there seems to be an over-emphasis on tools, rather than things like watches, wallets, bags, writing implements, and so forth.

It was suggested in a ToolGuyd feedback request post that I merge the separate Tool-, EDC-, and OhMy- Guyd sites, and this sounds like a reasonable idea.

Here’s what will happen:

EDCGuyd content will be moved to ToolGuyd, with the exception of the wallet and non-tool product posts, which will probably go to OhMyGuyd. There is currently an EDC-related category, but I see what I can do to create a new custom EDC classification for easier navigation.

For those of you subscribed to the RSS feed, I might be able to create a filtered feed so that you continue to only see EDC-related content.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I just cannot juggle updates for both sites at the moment. Perhaps one day I will be able to relaunch a standalone EDCGuyd, but at the moment it is not sustainable.

The merge won’t be immediate, but will happen sometime soon.

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One Response to EDCGuyd to be Merged Into ToolGuyd

  1. James C says:

    I think the merge makes sense.

    I visit ToolGuyd as part of my morning coffee drinking / internet browsing time, although I often forget to visit EDCGuyd in my state of grogginess.

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