Zippo Hand Warmer (Refillable)

Zippo Hand Warmer

It’s been warming up outside, but mornings and nights are still a bit chilly around here. A couple of years ago we went to the Grand Canyon in March, and while we were all decked out in winter gear, our gloves just weren’t warm enough around sunrise. We purchased a couple of disposable chemical hand warmers, and while they worked well I can’t help but think how wasteful those warmers would be if needed frequently.

Zippo’s hand warmers are reusable pocketable heaters that burn with an internal flame to keep your fingers and hands nice and toasty. These hand warmers can be refilled with conventional lighter fluid and last for up to 12 hours per fillup. Zippo says that the warmers are virtually odorless, and we imagine that users will have to get up close to smell the exhaust. They come with a warming bag and a fuel filler cup.

These heaters are priced at about $12 sans fuel, and a pair will cost you about $23. Disposable chemical heaters are priced at about $0.50 – $1.50 per pair.

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For someone like me, who might need a hand warmer every now and then, chemical hand warmers make better sense. Plus they travel easier. But for hunters and other frequent outdoors types, something like the Zippo Hand Warmer might be more economical.

Given the price of fuel, it seems that the Zippo warmer will be much better suited for intermittent use, while disposable warmers might be more economical for 8-10 hour sessions. Once a disposable warmer is activated, it will provide heat for a couple of hours whether you still need it to or not.

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