New Pico Keychain-Sized Grappling Hook

County Comm Pico Grappling Hook

Even if you’re not Batman or a ninja, there are still many potential uses for a mini grappling hook. But don’t rely on it for life-saving applications – it’s not designed for life support.

County Comm Pico Grappling Hook Parts

County Comm’s new Pico grappling hook is more compact and lighter than the next smallest model. It’s made from stainless steel and features 3 removable prongs that store inside an O-ring-sealed inner compartment. With a bit of accessory cord or 550 paracord you can deploy the grappling hook at a moment’s notice.

The Pico grappling hook is currently priced at $22.

More Info (via County Comm)

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3 Responses to New Pico Keychain-Sized Grappling Hook

  1. James C says:

    Hmm, I could see this coming in handy as a key chain tool. I’m sure it would have a few uses. You know, like if you drop your keys down through a sewer grate. Then you could use your grappling hook and a couple shoelaces to… wait, it was on the keys that you just dropped! Arghhh!

  2. Jay says:

    Don’t order from county comm. They screwed up my order, and won’t respond to emails, and don’t have a customer service number. Found out this is a common problem people have after doing some research.

  3. grizzledcamudgen says:

    I’ve ordered four separate times recently from County Comm with no issues, thankfully! I wasn’t aware people were having issues with them. I had ordered all three sizes of these cool gizmos. I had thought about putting the pico on my keychain but decided against it, what’s the use unless you’ve got 550 cord or twine on your keychain as well. If they had made the capsule part a little longer then I suppose you could stuff some twine inside of it along with the spikes. It will just go in my bugout case. They are very well made, pretty cool!

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