Pocketweez Super-Compact Premium Tweezers

Pocketweez Precision Tweezers

Some keychain multi-tools, such as the venerable Victorinox Swiss Army Knife and Leatherman Style CS, feature slide-out tweezers. But have you ever tried to use these thin stamped sheet metal tweezers? They’re fine for light duty tasks, but often lack the strength to securely grip slivers, splinters, and other things you want to pull out of your skin pronto.

Pocketweez are USA-made precision tweezers that fold up into a compact 2-1/2″ form factor. There’s even a hole to slide a keyring through. The tweezers are made from stainless steel, and the tips look strong enough to tackle any tweezing task I can think of.

More Info via Pocketweez ($28)

My wife carries around a pair of ultra-fine-tip tweezers that have saved her from discomfort in the past. Just last week she pulled out a fiber of some kind that had poked into her hand. She carries them in a handbag, and unfortunately, I can’t just carry full-sized tweezers in my pants pocket. Well, I can, but it sure won’t be comfortable.

$28 seems like a bit much to spend on portable tweezers. The Pocketweez looks to have received quite a few positive reviews and favorable testimonials, but for the time being it’ll remain on my wishlist. Of course, this also means that I will probably suffer a splinter in a few days when on-the-go, with no effective means to remove it.

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